Tour Held for Residents of Underground Station

On Monday, May 15 at the site of “Association” ENGEOCOM the general visit. Right now the development branch of the City of Moscow offered to Muscovites to watch the advancement of work at the station “Khodynka” Third trade circuit of the Moscow Metro.

Members of the tour started with 12 individuals in the capital who have sent the application to the Department of development of Moscow, and also a few individuals from “Association” ENGEOCOM “, whose every day work is related to administrative activities.

Visitors assembled at the headquarters building, which experienced wellbeing preparing and got head protectors and cautioning vests.

In the part of an aide as indicated by tradition was made by the leader of the training and support of the construction of “Association” ENGEOCOM “Dmitry Ivanov.

He drove the members to the tour ditches, where he let them know about the Third interchange circuit.

Dmitry Ivanov reminded the gathering of people that the first segment of the Third interchange circuit will comprise of six stations. Its length, considering the associating strings will be 13.7 kilometers.