Engeocom Recognized For Contribution in Olympics

On Wednesday, December 24 at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation held a solemn presentation of state awards for his contribution to the preparation and conduct of the XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi.

The award ceremony was held Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov and Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities Minister Mikhail Men.
Speaking to the builders and employees of the transport complex, Maxim Sokolov said that preparations for such a grand event like the Olympics in Sochi was conducted for several years.

Ernest Rudyak - EngeocomAccording to him, during which time the city has created a new modern transport infrastructure, including more than 400 km of roads, 34 bridges and 84 tunnels, which will be in demand after the Games.

“In general, road capacity has increased by more than two and a half times. We were able to cope with this problem only through, team approach. Our work has shown that the transport and building complexes of our country can do wonders, “- said the Minister of Transport.

In turn, Mikhail Men said that the updated Sochi – a unique city that has no analogues in Russia and abroad.
“All the people who took part in the Olympic construction, has already made ​​history. I want to thank all of you. It is, indeed, a decent job! “- He concluded.

Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Minister Yuri Reylyan, which in this day received an award – the medal “For the construction of transport facilities”, also appealed to the workers of the construction industry.

“I was chief of staff of construction would again like to thank you all for what you have done. We were able to prove to the world, our country and ourselves that Russia’s construction industry is alive and is still one of the best in the world “- he said.

Order of Friendship awarded by the president of JSC “Association” ENGEOCOM “Dmitry Evseev, senior vice president of JSC” United “ENGEOCOM” Ilya Makovsky and Deputy Director General for Civil Engineering JSC “Association” ENGEOCOM “Alex Vasil’zhenko.

The medal “For Services to the Motherland» II degree awarded: Director of the Sochi branch of “Association” INGEKOM “Timur Majitov, Deputy General Director of JSC” Association “ENGEOCOM” Kirill Petrov, chief engineer of the production management of “Association” ENGEOCOM “Fedor Provorov General Director of “SMU ENGEOCOM” Archil Kereselidze.