ENGEOCOM Working on Complete Highway Interchange Overhaul

ENGEOCOM has completed reconstruction of the highway interchange at the intersection of Ring Road and Ryazan Ave. In December Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin was on hand to open the transport tunnel to traffic for the first time since construction began. Also at the opening was the Deputy Mayor for urban highway constructionplanning, and the building of Marat Khusnullin, head of the construction department for the city of Moscow Alexey Bochkarev. Also the First Deputy head of the city’s construction department Pyotr Aksenov, as well as the president of the company ENGEOCOM, Dimitri Evseev.

Dimitri and Sergey were on hand to talk about the project. The entire reconstruction of the freeway interchange took 11 months. “In September we opened one overpass here, and in November, the second.” With the completion of the tunnel they will complete the work on all basic functions of the interchange, said Dimitri Evseev, president of ENGEOCOM. The brand new tunnel runs the length of 603 metres and will provide Congress with the counterclockwise roundabout of Lermontov Avenue on the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road. Reconstruction of the entire project, comprises a large set of measures: the construction of the overpass Moscow-Ryazan has a projected length of 178 meters, the overpass Ring – Lermontov avenue has a 168 meter long road tunnel, and 608 meters long pedestrian bridge over the Ryazan prospectus; expansion of Moscow, Ryazan and Lermontov Prospekt; and includes reconstruction of existing conventions with Moscow and relaying the underlying utilities. After the reconstruction of the facility traffic capacity will increase by 25%, which will cut down on traffic and make areas much easier to access.

The aim is to replace one of the “petals” of the traffic “clover” with a decoupling of one of the interchanges. The mayor then noted that the updated interchange will greatly improve the accessibility of the Zhulebino, Nekrasovka, and suburban Lyubertsy areas. This is the 12th upgrade in a series of upgrades at the interchange at Ring Road. It is a complex subject, which, despite all attempts to make it as easy on motorists, has cause a large inconvenience to drivers on the road.

ENGEOCOM has had workers going at maximum speed to try to make the road construction be less obtrusive to the daily lives of motorists as soon as possible. “In recent years, the builders have been working around the clock and have finished the extremely complex construction as soon as possible,” said the mayor. Clearly the intent here is to finish as soon as possible, and the government feels the push to finish this large undertaking as soon as possible.

The mayor thanked the construction workers of all of their good work and gave the command to open up the tunnel in order to let the first traffic through the new interchange.


Newly Renovated Central Children’s Store Opens Its Doors

Ernest Rudyak

Central Children’s Store , Lubyanka Square

The famous Lubyanka Square in Russia is getting a new facelift this year as the original Central Children’s Store will opened its newly renovated doors to eager young children and parents alike. The building was originally constructed in 1957 by famous architect, A. Dushkin. The major restoration of the store’s infrastructure was completed in December 2014, and the last few months have been used for designers to create a modern look of the individual stores found inside Children’s Store. 

ENGEOCOM has been working on reconstructing and adapting the current structure of the building to a more modern infrastructure that could house multiple stores and become a staple in Lubyanka Square. Before starting to work on this project, Mosgosstroynadzor submitted the necessary documents of compliance in order to align contraction goals with local guidelines and regulations. 

The restoration of the building had to be completed in extremely small areas, as the surrounding vicinity of Central Children’s Store lies among the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the hotel “Savoy.” The delivery and assembly of materials was made extremely difficult due the positioning of the work site. However, the project was completed successfully by employing safe practices and long term goal setting. 

The monumental properties of Central Children’s, and the historic attachments most locals have to this building were taken into consideration when designers created the renovation plans. The new changes are meant to preserve the original outline of its silhouette, space structure and other design elements. More than 50,000 visitors will be expected to enjoy the newly modernized store in April of 2015.